Dr. Disko Discusses the Cultural Significance of Motorcycles in Weimar Germany

Historian and independent scholar, Dr. Sasha Disko, will discuss her recent book "Devil's Wheels:  Men and Motorcycling during the Weimar Republic" at Gailor Auditorium on Tuesday.

During the high days of modernization fever, among the many disorienting changes Germans experienced in the Weimar Republic was an unprecedented mingling of consumption and identity: increasingly, what one bought signaled who one was. Exemplary of this volatile dynamic was the era’s burgeoning motorcycle culture. With automobiles largely a luxury of the upper classes, motorcycles complexly symbolized masculinity and freedom, embodying a widespread desire to embrace progress as well as profound anxieties over the course of social transformation. Disko provides a richly textured account of the motorcycle as both icon and commodity, teasing out the intricacies of gender and class in the Weimar years.



Gailor Auditorium